Top 4: Scariest Scenes From Asian Horror Flicks

4. "Surveillance Tape" from "Ju-on" (The Grudge)-  that sound, that freaking sound that haunts us in our dreams. I'm having goosebumps just by listening to it.

3. "The Bag" from "Audition" - one of the most disturbing asian horror film ever made, this movie was so hostile, it made audiences walk out of the movie house. Warning! Kadiri.

2. "Elevator" from  "Jian Gui" (The Eye) - scary elevator scenes is a cliche in the horror movie genre, but this scene made a lot of people take the stairs cause they're so afraid of riding the lift alone.

1. "The Blanket" from "Shutter"- the scariest movie ever. How many of us cover ourselves with our blankets when we are scared? almost everyone. But this scene teaches us not to rely on our blankets all the time.

Special Mention: "Sadako TV" from "Ringu" (The Ring) - the one that started it all. The scene that gave a whole new meaningto the word 3D.

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