Books: Reveal Your Hidden Attitudes With "Kokology"

I've always loved psychology, I find it so interesting to be able to read other peoples mind and give meaning to their movements and analyze everything they are saying. It just gives more meaning to our existence and greater sense to our being. However, it tends to be boring and dragging because, well, because everything that requires you to use your brain for a very long time is boring, ah haha.

Good thing these two japanese psychlogists came up with this book called Kokology, the study of kokoro which means mind or spirit. It asks you to answer questions about seemingly innocent topics- such as the color of an imaginary bird that has flown into your window - and then reveals what your answer say about you.

I liked it so much cause it was
very fun when played with others, and most of the time the results are true, surprisingly true. I recommend you to buy one. Here's an example from the book that I would like to share, I hope the authors will forgive me for sharing this, ah haha.

Don't over analyze it ok? Just for fun, and be honest, you should consider the first answer that comes into your mind.

Blue Coat, Yellow Coat:

Gathering in the townsquare for the town square for the lightning of the Christmas Tree gives people a chance to come together as a community and celebrate the end of the eyar. It's a time of nostalgia and a chance for new memories to be born. People are in the holiday spirit, strangers act like friends, and a sense of peace is all around.

The night is cold, and you have come with a grop of friends and acquaintances to watch the lighting of th tree. In the group of people with you, one person is wearing a yellow coat and another person is in blue. Who are the people wearing the blue and yellow coats? (Give the names of people you know)

Key To Blue Coat, Yellow Coat:

In psychology, bright colors such as yellow are associated with warm and positive feelings. while cool colors like blue are linked with cold, negative emotions. It may surprise even you, but the person you named as wearing the yellow coat is someone you like or who makes you feel happy, while something about the person in the blue coat leaves you cold.

Yun lang! :)

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