TV: Blair Waldorf Is Dead

After 3 seasons of gossips, glamour and greatness, the girl who made the headband an acceptable fashion item has officially past away. Yes, the Queen Bee from the Upper East Side is now just a legacy. Well, atleast that's how I see it after watching the first few episodes of Gossip Girl's latest season. 

Now that she's in college, Blair has lost her power, her influence,  and even her fashion sense (what's with the yellow granny look?)

  The Blair Waldorf who I loved to hate is not so hateable anymore, She lost her spark when she lost her headband. The only thing that's keeping me interested with Blair right now is her love affair with Chuck Bass, which in a way,  is becoming a little boring aswell (fighting over a picture? Wow. How exciting.) 

I'm still looking forward to her resurrection though, praying that she will reign again and have the followers that she deserves to have while she still deserves them. And please, just please, make another big fashion statement that everyone will admire.

Oh well, till then, xoxo, RIP.

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