Bars and Restaurants: Sex With Ketchup Please

10 Years ago, if you ask someone something like "Tara, SEx tayo!" you will end up getting a big hand mark on your face, ask someone the same question today and you'll hear them answer "Tara!" in less than a second. Why? Cause SEx hasn't tasted better than ever before! With all the eggs, hotdogs and hot sauce, SEx is surely the yummiest and most affordable way to eat outside nowadays.

"Sinangag Express" or popularly known as "SEx" is a small 24-Hour restaurant chain that offers one of Filipinos' favorite
meal, Tapsilog.  With only 5 branches across Metro Manila, people from the south are very lucky to have two of the restaurants located in Las Pinas and BF Homes Paranaque.

What I like about "SEx" is the fact that it is so affordable for a very delicious meal. And with all the different offerings on the menu like Adsilog, Tocilog, Longsilog and my favorite Liemsilog, you can eat it everyday without the "sawa" factor. They also have deserts like Frozen Taho  and a very interesting Ice Tea, na hangang ngayon ay hindi ko pa rin alam kung bakit ganun ang lasa. At ang mga sauce, they help with keeping the variety since you can experiment with them and come up with a different sauce for every meal.

The downside of it, since it's cheap and yummy, then expect it to be crowded. At kapag mga madaling araw ka nag-punta, ay puno siya ng mga lasing na kabataan na galing sa  mga kalapit na bars (ehem, guilty*)And the ventilation, a little more fan wouldn't hurt the budget right?

But that won't stop us from having more "SEx" would it?

Yun lang! :)

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