Blogs: Who's Jealous of Bryanboy?

The most successful Pinoy blogger in the world wide web, BryanBoy has combined the world of blogging and fashion in a very narcissistic yet charming way. Because of his blog's success, he was able to meet almost all, if not all, of fashion's top names and a-list celebrities. He was even able to attend exclsuive fashion shows and events. And honestly, the only reason why I follow his blog is because I'm super jealous, ah haha.

But the thing I like about bryanboy the most is
that he is a proud filipino. He tries to insert pinoy slangs into his blog, like his signature farewell word "Baboosh!",  which is a very nice thing to do since most of his followers are Filipinos, gay filipinos that is.

I super like him. I hope he would be here to stay.

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