Music: Why Katy Perry Is The Queen Of My Playlist

It feels so good to hear someone sing what your heart wants to say. They are only few artists out there who can sing as if they are speaking in your behalf.  Most of them will just talk about poker, umbrellas and even themselves (uhm, britney?). Not that I don't like those songs, it's just that, I would like to hear someone sing about something new, something that Elvis wouldn't have sang, something only the new generation can relate to. Someone who expresses real feelings and talks about real situations, someone like, Katy Perry.

I love her songs, she just hits home. I remember crying
over "Thinking of You" cause I was in a very similar situation that time ("how can I get better once I've had the best"). And dancing to "Hot n Cold" cause it was exactly what my ex is ("you, change your mind, like a girl, changes clothes"). And when I got into a  fight with a bi-girl, she played "Your So Gay"on her Yahoo Music and I played "I Kissed A Girl" on mine, ah haha. But my favorite track from the album would be "Lost", it's a very moving song. I just wanna answer yes to every question. It's a perfect song for those sad times.

I also love her vintage style, the album's theme, her personality, and just everything about her.  She's really a character, and she made me like music again. Thank goodness for Katy Perry!

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