Movies: Why Star Cinema's "In My Life" Is So Special

It was the same time last year, I was an intern at Star Cinema, when I first heard that Vilma Santos and John Lloyd Cruz are going to make a movie together. I then, read some part of the script and found out about "the kiss", the endings, and who's gonna play who. Since then, I've waited for news about this movie, searched for behind the scenes info and even watched the full trailer premiere. A year later, I'm inside the movie house with my mom, watching two guys kiss., laughing at Ate Vi and crying over John Lloyd's grieve. I must say, it's one of the best movie experience I've ever had in years.

It's a very different Vilma
in the movie, and honestly, we haven't seen something new from her over the past few years, so it's very delightful to see a totally dynamic character from her this time, one that is full of layers, something that Luis' and John Lloyd's characters lacks. Although I must say, John Lloyd is very lucky to have the role. Anyone who's given that role will surely shine.

I salute Star Cinema and Director Olivia Lamasan for being brave enough to do a movie with such theme. I'm glad they realized that it's about time for mainstream cinema to tell a story about love, without putting limits to gender.

Bravo indeed.

Yun lang! :)

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