Bars and Restaurants: Jollibee Super Meal Super Tagal

When you work in a call center, time means a lot! Especially, during lunch, where you  are given less than an hour to eat a meal and do all other extra things in a very limited time, that's why fast food chains are created. So it's really frustrating when you go to a "fast" food restaurant, then order your emal, and they ask you if you can wait for 10 minutes before you can have it, and you agree to wait, only to find out that you've been waiting for 40 minutes and your food is not there yet.

First of all,
the management should understand that they are located in the middle of all the call center buildings and that people who actually come and eat there, value their time. Second of all, we just ordered a supermeal, how long does it take to put a spaghetti, a chicken, a brownie and rice in a square plate? 10 minutes maybe, but 40? Unacceptable.

So after, 1 waiter, 2 managers and 5 starving stomachs later, our order came. Wow, how is that for a "fast" food chain?

Anyway, don't worry, it's nothing personal, ah haha. I'm still gonna eat at your place Jollibee, when I'm with my little borther who loves you, just not at that branch again.

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