Websites: Is Friendster A Thing of the Past?

I was a 4th year high school student when I first found out about Friendster, It was 2004 and all my classmates were exchanging email adds during our graduation rehearsals so they can add each other as "friends". Soon after, everyone was into it, even me. I was so addicted to the idea of having a profile of yourself with all your likes and dislikes posted for the whole world to see, telling everyone something about yourself, posting pictures (ehem.. photoshop), exchanging testimonials, and I was even among the first ones to use the html features. ah haha.

Almost 5 years after, friendster is not as cool as it used to be, and here are some possible reason:

People seems to get fed up with all the technical issues it had in the past, remember when they had a major disaster and all your friends got deleted and you had to add them all over again. That was the worst thing that could happen to anyone who owns a friendster account.

Theres nothing left to do there. With all the activities that other social networking websites offer, like playing games, blogging, online chat and cool applications, theres no reason why you need to use friendster anymore. Even if they are obviously trying their best to copy facebook's chat feature and apps, something seems to be not working.

It is now the social networking websites of "Jologs". That's the most popular answer I got from the people I asked. They say, you're not cool if you are still using friendster. The same way that you're considered baduy if you are heard singing an Imelda Papin song. Ah haha.

Oh well, I still love friendster, for some reason, I can't seem to leave it. I still open my account and still get happy if someone leaves me a testi or if my profile view count gets high. Ah haha. I hope they'll get to make a big comeback, just like britney, and prove that, uhm, I don't know, prove that they still, hmm.. exist? Ah haha.

Yun lang! :)

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