Events: QTV Wedding or YouTube Wedding?

I attended a garden wedding last Friday at BF Resort, It was my first time to actually attend a wedding ceremony, usually I just go straight to the reception or not attend at all.

Anyway, I was expecting it to be like one of those weddings that you watch on TV or Films,  where everything is organized, well planned and rehearsed, however, it turned out to be one of those wedding-gone-wrong videos you'll watch on YouTube. Ah haha.

But, I don't wanna go into details anymore, besides, I was not there as a wedding critic, I was there as a guest.  Although I don't really know the couple personally,  ah haha. 

There were some memorable moments for me though. Like when one of the groom's friend, who is gay, gave a message to the couple. He said "Hindi ako kasal, wala akong maipapayo tungkol sa buhay mag-asawa, pero may anak ako, at ang maipapayo ko lang, lagi niyong unahin ang mga anak ninyo, dahil pag tanda niyo, sila naman ang mag-aalaga sa inyo." Coming from an old gay man, that really meant a lot.

Yun lang! :)

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