Top 4: Songs From Glee (Part 2)

In honor of Glee’s win at the Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards, here is the second list of the best songs from the first season of Glee.

4. On My Own  - This song is one of the most memorable songs from Les Miserables and everyone who’s given a chance to sing this will surely shine, so Lea Michelle is very lucky to have given that chance. I like Lea Salonga’s version better but the other Lea did a good job as well; I like her performance, aside from the way she pronounced “Happiness” at the end of the song.

3. I Say A Little Prayer – What would a blond cheerleader who is the President of the Christ Crusaders (aka Celibacy Club) sing in an audition? Something to do with Prayers of course, match this performance with two backup dancers /singers (ala Beyonce), add an awesome choreography, and you’ll have an instant classic. This performance also got a lot of very funny parodies.

2. It’s My Life / Confessions Pt II – This is the mash-up song for the guys, the counterpart of the girl's mash-up of Halo and Walking on Sunshine. This is the best group performance by the guys to date.  The two songs mashed up brilliantly. I personally think that mashed-up songs are what separated Glee from the rest of mediocre musicals. It’s a very great idea and I wish they would do it again on the new season.

1. My Life Would Suck Without You – The finale song, Glee is very good on using songs that have lyrics that completely matches or summaries the whole situation and can merge down a million lines of dialogues into one song.  I can’t think of any song that can be best used to end the first season and can match that big kiss. It’s perfect, just PERFECT!

I can’t wait for the new season to premiere.

Oh Glee, my life would definitely suck without you.

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The 10 Buzzwords for 2010 That You Must Know

My take on Spot.ph's list of The 10 Buzzwords you ought to know in 2010. I can use these words everyday! But first, I'm gonna practice using them in a sentence here on my blog just so we can be clear on their meanings.

Microcelebrity (Micro + Celebrity) = It's pretty much self explanatory, they are celebs whose popularity is caused by an overwhelming respond from internet users.

example: You are the best Microcelebrity who ever existed in the world wide web. I <3 U!

Ecocrite (Eco + Hypocrite) = The word that best describes those celebrities who encourages us to live a green eco friendly life when they themselves are not even doing it. I hate these people, they are very, uhm... what's the word? Plastic, oh no, Ecocrite.

example: Being a spokeperson for Greenpeace and at the same time driving a not so eco-friendly car (and crashing it on a tree) makes you an ecocrite!

Chubuff (Chubby + Buff) = Are those toned muscles or contracted fats? When he is standing, he has big shoulders, when he is sitting, he has a big tummy.  So is he chubby, or is he buff? He's neither, he's chubuff.

example: Aga Muhlach was very chubby before he became buff, but I saw him lately and he is getting chubuff again, or was that just Nino Muhlach I saw?

Wallgasm (Facebook Wall + Orgasm) = When your facebook wall is full of those pics, links, posts, tags messages, and a lot of different things going on at once, then you are having a wallgasm. A facebook user is said to have the greatest wallgasm during his birthday, but I know a lot of people who has them everyday. Oh k... that's not sounding right anymore.

example: Me and my online fling are exchanging comments on facebook the other night, it reached to almost 1,000, that was the best wallgasm ever.


For The First Time, Prada Goes Live Online

Prada has joined the digital world by broadcasting their Fall-Winter 2010 Menswear Collection online yesterday. Thank goodness for this! I don't have to wait for my Garage Magazine to come to see their latest collection. Most of the major houses right now offer live streaming of their fashion shows, I hope Philippine Fashion Week will do the same.


Katorse stars Erich and Enchong snobs Ejay at ASAP Performance

I don't know why but Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales must have had some hard feelings against Ejay Falcon before this performance at ASAP XV.

Mariah Carey's Drunk Acceptance Speech

Mimi was awarded the Best Breakthrough Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for Precious at the Palm Spring Independent Film Festival. This is what you get for drinking that champagne with an empty stomach. I'm sure she's seeing lots of glitters in this moment.

The Cast of Glee on The Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet

There's an unexplainable feeling when you see your favorite TV character look very dolled up and different on the red carpet for the first time. Especially when they do interviews, you still feel like it's the character who's talking even though you know to yourself that it's not.



Who's who?: Adam Lambert vs Raymond Guttierez

One is gay and the other is straight (he hasn't confirmed it yet so let's just say he is.)   But with these pictures, who do you think looks more like it?

Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock Tie for Best Actress

The Critic's Choice Award for Best Actress this year was given to Meryl Streep (Julie & Julia) and Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side). Winning Best Actress alongside Meryl Streep is not the best thing an actress would wish for, it's  like telling you that you're a good actress, but not good enough to beat the queen.

So how did Sandra took it? by delivering a very heartfelt speech.  "Bullshit!" said Sandra as she kissed Ms. Streep full on the mouth. "I bet you never saw this coming" she says after.

Wow, what a classic moment, Oh! I love the award show season.


Nikki Gil to star in the Pinoy version of "Legally Blonde: The Musical"

It's not just one of those photoshopped picture that was made for fun, it's true, Atlantis Productions will present the Philippine verion of the movie-turned-musical in June 2010 at the Meralco Theater. I know what you're asking right now, what were they thinking right? An asian Elle Woods? Haha! What the heck? And for Nikki Gil to accept the part? So embarrassing, she made it all the way to being a Disney star to playing a role that's making her look like a third world cousin of Barbie. This is wrong. So wrong! Haha.

Dakota Fanning's Fashion Transformation

The little girl with no front teeth is now a lady, and she's making her Fashion magazine debut by gracing the cover of Vogue Magazine. I've always liked Dakota and always wished that she'll turnout to be a graceful young women, and thankfully, she had. Well, at least so far. Check out this photo from Vogue.

Now that's a Meryl Streep in the making.

Victoria Beckham is too skinny for American Idol

They say the reason why Posh was not chosen by Fox Executives to be Paula Abdul's replacement in American Idol is because she's too skinny for American audiences and that people might find it hard to relate to her cause of her weight and they might not understand her accent.

Uhm.., Seriously? I honestly believe that this is unfair since, I mean, it's "Paula Abdul's" replacement we're talking here, what standards do we have? At the first place, Paula should be considered too small for American audiences  and I'm finding it very hard to understand what she's saying irregardless of her accent.  I'm not saying Posh is a great judge since I don't find her sincere and she's trying to be too sweet, but rejecting her because she looks anorexic is intolerable.

Vice Ganda is the new Petrang Kabayo

Viva Films will remake the Roderick Paulate starrer this year.and it will be directed by Wenn Deramas.
“Petrang Kabayo” is about a gay who is cursed to become a horse by the goddesss of horses because of his bad behavior. And who else can better portray such role than a person who suffered the same consequences? I'm a little excited about this movie, I find Vice very funny and smart, two characteristics that not all comediennes can have at the same time. I sure will be watching this.

Here's a clip from the original movie:

Oprah meets Lady Gaga

The Gaga sits down with The Big O, check out this twitpic taken backstage and watch the full episode below.