Top 4: Songs From Glee (Part 2)

In honor of Glee’s win at the Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards, here is the second list of the best songs from the first season of Glee.

4. On My Own  - This song is one of the most memorable songs from Les Miserables and everyone who’s given a chance to sing this will surely shine, so Lea Michelle is very lucky to have given that chance. I like Lea Salonga’s version better but the other Lea did a good job as well; I like her performance, aside from the way she pronounced “Happiness” at the end of the song.

3. I Say A Little Prayer – What would a blond cheerleader who is the President of the Christ Crusaders (aka Celibacy Club) sing in an audition? Something to do with Prayers of course, match this performance with two backup dancers /singers (ala Beyonce), add an awesome choreography, and you’ll have an instant classic. This performance also got a lot of very funny parodies.

2. It’s My Life / Confessions Pt II – This is the mash-up song for the guys, the counterpart of the girl's mash-up of Halo and Walking on Sunshine. This is the best group performance by the guys to date.  The two songs mashed up brilliantly. I personally think that mashed-up songs are what separated Glee from the rest of mediocre musicals. It’s a very great idea and I wish they would do it again on the new season.

1. My Life Would Suck Without You – The finale song, Glee is very good on using songs that have lyrics that completely matches or summaries the whole situation and can merge down a million lines of dialogues into one song.  I can’t think of any song that can be best used to end the first season and can match that big kiss. It’s perfect, just PERFECT!

I can’t wait for the new season to premiere.

Oh Glee, my life would definitely suck without you.

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