The 10 Buzzwords for 2010 That You Must Know

My take on Spot.ph's list of The 10 Buzzwords you ought to know in 2010. I can use these words everyday! But first, I'm gonna practice using them in a sentence here on my blog just so we can be clear on their meanings.

Microcelebrity (Micro + Celebrity) = It's pretty much self explanatory, they are celebs whose popularity is caused by an overwhelming respond from internet users.

example: You are the best Microcelebrity who ever existed in the world wide web. I <3 U!

Ecocrite (Eco + Hypocrite) = The word that best describes those celebrities who encourages us to live a green eco friendly life when they themselves are not even doing it. I hate these people, they are very, uhm... what's the word? Plastic, oh no, Ecocrite.

example: Being a spokeperson for Greenpeace and at the same time driving a not so eco-friendly car (and crashing it on a tree) makes you an ecocrite!

Chubuff (Chubby + Buff) = Are those toned muscles or contracted fats? When he is standing, he has big shoulders, when he is sitting, he has a big tummy.  So is he chubby, or is he buff? He's neither, he's chubuff.

example: Aga Muhlach was very chubby before he became buff, but I saw him lately and he is getting chubuff again, or was that just Nino Muhlach I saw?

Wallgasm (Facebook Wall + Orgasm) = When your facebook wall is full of those pics, links, posts, tags messages, and a lot of different things going on at once, then you are having a wallgasm. A facebook user is said to have the greatest wallgasm during his birthday, but I know a lot of people who has them everyday. Oh k... that's not sounding right anymore.

example: Me and my online fling are exchanging comments on facebook the other night, it reached to almost 1,000, that was the best wallgasm ever.

Moodle (Man + Poodle) =  Girls loves you, they wanna be with you, they wanna hug and cuddle you, but they don't wanna have sex with you. You're a moodle, a girl's man poodle.

example: Seth Rogen is a real life moodle, he played himself on the film "She's Out of My League". Oh, what you say? it's not a true story? Oops, my bad.

Obesogens = These chemical compounds can trigger the production of more fat. Expect it to be written on the label or packages of new healthy foods and drinks.
example: New "blah-blah" Juice, it helps you fight Obesogens! New "blah-blah" Cereals, with "blah" that stops Obegosens! (Yeah right!)

Silent Disco = A new eco-friendly way to party, A noise pollution-free idea that debuted at the UK Glastonbury Festival in 2005. Instead of using traditional speakers, music is transmitted over FM receivers and heard through wireless headphones. In simpler “flash mob” versions, participants bring their own mp3 player or iPod and choose their own music.

example: I was in a Silent Disco last night. (That is the most creative example I've written so far, right?)

Mekmeks (Men + Pekpek Shorts) = A man's version of the shorts shorts, Chuck bass was seen wearing one, and so was Ben Affleck, according to experts, this trend will hit the Philippines this summer.
example: I love my Mekmek shorts, my Mekmek shorts are so lovely, I love them, you know, my Mekmek shorts.

Buycotting = The opposite of boycotting a product, buycotting is  promoting or supporting a certain product or service.

example: Let's buycott the Philippine made phones by MyPhone.

Spotify (Website's name) = The new i-tunes! Ultimate music database of all the best hits. Used as a verb.

example: I'm having LSS with that Mika song again, I'll spotify it later.

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