Top 4: Most Memorable 2009 Moments in Pinoy INTERVIEWS

4. TV Patrol's Interview with Hayden Kho's Mother - maganda ang intention ng interview, Hayden's camp wanted to clean Hayden's image and gain sympathy by showing that he was raised by a very religious mother who's suffering because people are judging her son by the Sex Videos he made. They made sure that they were able to show how religious Mrs. Irene Kho is, by showing a Groto in the background and making her hold a Rosary and quote the Bible.

 However, they were a lot of things that drew people's attention away from the message that they were trying to send, isa na dun ay ang paulit-ulit na re-assurance ni Mrs. Kho na "ayaw na niyang magsalita", when in fact, Karen Davilla even needs to call her attention several times before she would stop talking and let Karen ask her a question. Also,  Mrs. Kho had her eyes close thoughout the interview, which made people think that she was just sleep talking. The inteview just added damage to Hayden's image and ended up having Hayden do an interview to explain what his Mother did.

3. Carlo J. Caparas with Che Che Lazaro - "Comics King" Carlo Caparas wanted to defend his National Artist Award for Visual Arts and Films by going on Che Che Lazaro's show and having a debate with Alex Tioseco and Dr. Jose Dalisay Jr.. His points was clear, dapat daw siyang maging National Artst for VISUAL ARTS and FILM dahil kilala ang kanyang mga obra sa buong bansa at dahil marunong daw siya gumuhit (which he proved by bringing his illustrations with him).

 But Mr. Caparas made the interview so personal by turning the issue back to him and by throwing personal attacks to the other guests. He even made it worst by defending the President from her ditractors, and by bashing the Elite society (some of which are his neighbors on their home in Ayala Alabang) and claiming that he passed the NCCA screening, which he did not. The conferment of the Natl Artists Award for Carlo and 6 others was blocked by the Supreme Court last August.


Happy Xmas!

God is Love,
Christmas is all about love,
Christmas is thus about God and Love,
Love is the key to peace among all mankind,
Love is the key to peace and happiness within all creation,
Love needs to be practiced - love needs to flow - love needs to make you happy.
Have A Happy Christmas


Poll Result: What Most People Want This Christmas

I ran a poll on 8 different websites by asking a simple question: "What's on top of your Xmas list?" And surprisingly, "World Peace", the most common answer, got beaten on the top spot by a very unusual entry.

The Material Things

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies this year, making Digital Camera the most requested item this season, followed by Laptops and Cellphones, which means the obsession with tweeter and facebook are going to stay around for awhile.

But some people doesn't really care about gadgets, they just wanna look good, that's why designer shoes and bags comes in the next spot.

The Classic Answers

Ofcourse, the classic "Good Health" and "Family Time" was still included on the lsit by some, but not everybody likes "World Peace" anymore, it just came in second compared to this year's most wished thing, a solid and happy "Love Life".

Yup, almost everybody is asking for somebody to love them this Christmas. It might be because of that cold weather, which makes you long for someone to embrace you and do all that mushy "sitting in front of the fireplace" kind of stuff with you. Or maybe because they've been single for a long time, I really don't know the exact reason but one thing's for sure,  Santa will be needing some help from Cupid this season.


Fashion: What NOT To Wear On Christmas Parties

Ever since we were kids, Christmas parties has become the ultimate opportunity for us to wear our new clothes and to show off our fashion sense. But some people still get lost when choosing what to wear during this occasion, it's either they are used to their parents buying clothes for them for their xmas parties or they just don't have any idea what a "Party Dress" really is. Here's a list of things to avoid to help you avoid ending up in the fashion jail.

Too Much Glitz - The christmas decors are glittery enough, please don't try to outshine them. Avoid wearing too much accessories or clothes that have a lot of shiny things going on. A Lady Gaga inspired jacket is an excuse, but otherwise, If you like to go for something bright, wear a silky dress instead. Remember to let your personality shine, not your outfit.


The Red-Green Color Combination - Yes, we get it, it's Christmas and you want to blend in with the Christmas spirit, but that doesn't mean you have to blend in with the decorations as well. Instead of wearing this color combo, try wearing just one of the two or go for earth toned colors to achieve that classic holiday look.

Christmas Sweaters - One word, UGLY. The greeting signs and those reindeers, christmas trees and other christmas designs should be left on the Greeting Card and not on your clothes. If you want to add a christmas character to your get up (which I don't recommend) you can put them on your accessories instead.

Short Shorts + Slippers - You're going to a party not to the sari-sari store, you don't wanna be underdressed. Before going to a party, make sure you know what the dress code is. Otherwise, you'll end up overdressing or underdressing. If you're not sure about the dress code, go safe by wearing the ever classic LBD for girls or a black button-down shirt for men.

Colored Socks and White Socks - I can't believe people still wear white socks nowadays.  The MJ fever is up but this ain't a halloween party so you don't really need to look like him. And stay away from the colored ones as well, you don't wanna look like santa's elf. When it comes to socks, if it ain't black, it ain't right.

Statement Shirts - When going to parties, you might wanna avoid wearing something that you wear on an ordinary day. Statement shirts can be cool but they are not appropriate for such events. Leave those statements on your facebook wall instead.


Top 4: Common Xmas Gifts That Are Cool Again

There was a time that these gifts became so common that nobody wants to receive them anymore. But with some twists, these classic items are making a comeback on the Christmas shopping list.

4. Picture Frames - According to my survey, 9 out of 10 teenagers are camwhores, and the other 1 is the one taking the picture.  With that being said, one of the coolest gifts this xmas would be a picture frame, a digital picture frame that is.

With a digital picture frame, you can store pictures and videos directly from your digicam or cellphone and display them on your bedroom or living room for your guest to see. It's a little expensive, but it can save you a lot on printing and buying photo albums and those boring picture frames. Make it a special gift for that camwhore friend of yours, uhm, that'll be you.

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3. Books - It's square, it's heavy and it requires a lot of time from you, there was a time when recieving a book for Christmas feels like getting homeworks from your teacher.

But has changed, with all the fascination about books turning into movies and vice versa, this generation is way addicted to reading books than any other generation in the past 40 years. Suddenly, the term bookworm doesn't sound so nerdy anymore. So give that library enthusiast a special book this xmas, but just a tip, when buying books, make sure the person you're giving it to hasn't read it yet.

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2. Towels - The favorite regalo of the Ninong and Ninangs, with your name espcially embroidered on them, baka daw kasi magkapalit kayo ng twalya ng isa nilang inaanak. What's with giving people towels as a present? It's like saying "Ang baho mo, punasan mo nga yang pawis mo. Kadiri."

But thanks to the creative minds of some people, towels are now cute and "yummy" again. yes, yummy.  Towels that are designed like fruitcake, chocolates and even sushi are making it's way to xmas shopping bags this year.  Making it one of the most sold product on tianges and gift stores, it is the "something soft" of the year. With this new twist, those towels will be staying under your xmas tree for years to come.

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1. Planners - are one of the most common gifts during the holidays, it's either because we think that other people are too busy to manage their time or that they just need to manage it better. Planner became so common that some people actually get atleast 10 planners a year, what you gonna do with all of that? No one has a hectic schedule like that.

Good thing getting a planner for xmas is not so sad anymore, thanks to those coffee shops who offer collectible planners. They have made it fun and more special by making them harder to get. There are also some planners that you can buy at bookstores that looks cool and comes with very helpful guides that are customized depending on your lifestyle. Now that makes planning your year cool again.

What do you think? Wanna add something on the list?