Top 4: Common Xmas Gifts That Are Cool Again

There was a time that these gifts became so common that nobody wants to receive them anymore. But with some twists, these classic items are making a comeback on the Christmas shopping list.

4. Picture Frames - According to my survey, 9 out of 10 teenagers are camwhores, and the other 1 is the one taking the picture.  With that being said, one of the coolest gifts this xmas would be a picture frame, a digital picture frame that is.

With a digital picture frame, you can store pictures and videos directly from your digicam or cellphone and display them on your bedroom or living room for your guest to see. It's a little expensive, but it can save you a lot on printing and buying photo albums and those boring picture frames. Make it a special gift for that camwhore friend of yours, uhm, that'll be you.

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3. Books - It's square, it's heavy and it requires a lot of time from you, there was a time when recieving a book for Christmas feels like getting homeworks from your teacher.

But has changed, with all the fascination about books turning into movies and vice versa, this generation is way addicted to reading books than any other generation in the past 40 years. Suddenly, the term bookworm doesn't sound so nerdy anymore. So give that library enthusiast a special book this xmas, but just a tip, when buying books, make sure the person you're giving it to hasn't read it yet.

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2. Towels - The favorite regalo of the Ninong and Ninangs, with your name espcially embroidered on them, baka daw kasi magkapalit kayo ng twalya ng isa nilang inaanak. What's with giving people towels as a present? It's like saying "Ang baho mo, punasan mo nga yang pawis mo. Kadiri."

But thanks to the creative minds of some people, towels are now cute and "yummy" again. yes, yummy.  Towels that are designed like fruitcake, chocolates and even sushi are making it's way to xmas shopping bags this year.  Making it one of the most sold product on tianges and gift stores, it is the "something soft" of the year. With this new twist, those towels will be staying under your xmas tree for years to come.

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1. Planners - are one of the most common gifts during the holidays, it's either because we think that other people are too busy to manage their time or that they just need to manage it better. Planner became so common that some people actually get atleast 10 planners a year, what you gonna do with all of that? No one has a hectic schedule like that.

Good thing getting a planner for xmas is not so sad anymore, thanks to those coffee shops who offer collectible planners. They have made it fun and more special by making them harder to get. There are also some planners that you can buy at bookstores that looks cool and comes with very helpful guides that are customized depending on your lifestyle. Now that makes planning your year cool again.

What do you think? Wanna add something on the list?

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