Top 4: Most Memorable 2009 Moments in Pinoy INTERVIEWS

4. TV Patrol's Interview with Hayden Kho's Mother - maganda ang intention ng interview, Hayden's camp wanted to clean Hayden's image and gain sympathy by showing that he was raised by a very religious mother who's suffering because people are judging her son by the Sex Videos he made. They made sure that they were able to show how religious Mrs. Irene Kho is, by showing a Groto in the background and making her hold a Rosary and quote the Bible.

 However, they were a lot of things that drew people's attention away from the message that they were trying to send, isa na dun ay ang paulit-ulit na re-assurance ni Mrs. Kho na "ayaw na niyang magsalita", when in fact, Karen Davilla even needs to call her attention several times before she would stop talking and let Karen ask her a question. Also,  Mrs. Kho had her eyes close thoughout the interview, which made people think that she was just sleep talking. The inteview just added damage to Hayden's image and ended up having Hayden do an interview to explain what his Mother did.

3. Carlo J. Caparas with Che Che Lazaro - "Comics King" Carlo Caparas wanted to defend his National Artist Award for Visual Arts and Films by going on Che Che Lazaro's show and having a debate with Alex Tioseco and Dr. Jose Dalisay Jr.. His points was clear, dapat daw siyang maging National Artst for VISUAL ARTS and FILM dahil kilala ang kanyang mga obra sa buong bansa at dahil marunong daw siya gumuhit (which he proved by bringing his illustrations with him).

 But Mr. Caparas made the interview so personal by turning the issue back to him and by throwing personal attacks to the other guests. He even made it worst by defending the President from her ditractors, and by bashing the Elite society (some of which are his neighbors on their home in Ayala Alabang) and claiming that he passed the NCCA screening, which he did not. The conferment of the Natl Artists Award for Carlo and 6 others was blocked by the Supreme Court last August.

2. Kris Aquino with Boy Abunda - It is not too often that we would like to hear Kris speak, but since the interview has something to do about her mother Cory Aquino, everyone watched as she narrates the last few days of her Mother and how their family handled it. It was a very hearthbreaking interview, kahit na medyo distracting ang paggamit niya ng tissue na pinagsingahan niya para ipampunas sa luha niya.

 And syempre, hindi pwedeng hindi niya gawing about herself ang usapan paminsan minsan. However, this interview was just first of many other Kris Aquino inteviews that followed which kinda made her steal the spotlight from her Mom from time to time.

1. Mikey Arroyo with Winnie Monsod and Igan - Gloria's little boy Mikey Arroyo went to Unang Hirit to answer questions regarding his Statement of Assets and Liabilities, Why? I don't know.  Many called it a Media Suicide, going on live TV with Winnie Monsod is certainly not the greatest thing to do if you want to protect your self from any allegations especially if you know that you're guilty.

First, Mikey blamed his lawyers for filing the wrong statements, then he defended himself by claiming that he got his money from wedding gifts and campaign donations. And ofcourse he escaped every questions by advising anyone who does not believe him to sue him in court (he keeps saying that with a killer smile on his face). Lesson learned? Always consult your PR Team before trying to resolve a crisis. But actually, I don't think any PR Team can save you from Mareng Winnie.

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