Poll Result: What Most People Want This Christmas

I ran a poll on 8 different websites by asking a simple question: "What's on top of your Xmas list?" And surprisingly, "World Peace", the most common answer, got beaten on the top spot by a very unusual entry.

The Material Things

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies this year, making Digital Camera the most requested item this season, followed by Laptops and Cellphones, which means the obsession with tweeter and facebook are going to stay around for awhile.

But some people doesn't really care about gadgets, they just wanna look good, that's why designer shoes and bags comes in the next spot.

The Classic Answers

Ofcourse, the classic "Good Health" and "Family Time" was still included on the lsit by some, but not everybody likes "World Peace" anymore, it just came in second compared to this year's most wished thing, a solid and happy "Love Life".

Yup, almost everybody is asking for somebody to love them this Christmas. It might be because of that cold weather, which makes you long for someone to embrace you and do all that mushy "sitting in front of the fireplace" kind of stuff with you. Or maybe because they've been single for a long time, I really don't know the exact reason but one thing's for sure,  Santa will be needing some help from Cupid this season.

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