Fashion: What NOT To Wear On Christmas Parties

Ever since we were kids, Christmas parties has become the ultimate opportunity for us to wear our new clothes and to show off our fashion sense. But some people still get lost when choosing what to wear during this occasion, it's either they are used to their parents buying clothes for them for their xmas parties or they just don't have any idea what a "Party Dress" really is. Here's a list of things to avoid to help you avoid ending up in the fashion jail.

Too Much Glitz - The christmas decors are glittery enough, please don't try to outshine them. Avoid wearing too much accessories or clothes that have a lot of shiny things going on. A Lady Gaga inspired jacket is an excuse, but otherwise, If you like to go for something bright, wear a silky dress instead. Remember to let your personality shine, not your outfit.


The Red-Green Color Combination - Yes, we get it, it's Christmas and you want to blend in with the Christmas spirit, but that doesn't mean you have to blend in with the decorations as well. Instead of wearing this color combo, try wearing just one of the two or go for earth toned colors to achieve that classic holiday look.

Christmas Sweaters - One word, UGLY. The greeting signs and those reindeers, christmas trees and other christmas designs should be left on the Greeting Card and not on your clothes. If you want to add a christmas character to your get up (which I don't recommend) you can put them on your accessories instead.

Short Shorts + Slippers - You're going to a party not to the sari-sari store, you don't wanna be underdressed. Before going to a party, make sure you know what the dress code is. Otherwise, you'll end up overdressing or underdressing. If you're not sure about the dress code, go safe by wearing the ever classic LBD for girls or a black button-down shirt for men.

Colored Socks and White Socks - I can't believe people still wear white socks nowadays.  The MJ fever is up but this ain't a halloween party so you don't really need to look like him. And stay away from the colored ones as well, you don't wanna look like santa's elf. When it comes to socks, if it ain't black, it ain't right.

Statement Shirts - When going to parties, you might wanna avoid wearing something that you wear on an ordinary day. Statement shirts can be cool but they are not appropriate for such events. Leave those statements on your facebook wall instead.

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