Top 4: Scariest Scenes From Asian Horror Flicks

4. "Surveillance Tape" from "Ju-on" (The Grudge)-  that sound, that freaking sound that haunts us in our dreams. I'm having goosebumps just by listening to it.

3. "The Bag" from "Audition" - one of the most disturbing asian horror film ever made, this movie was so hostile, it made audiences walk out of the movie house. Warning! Kadiri.


Special Post: Relief Goods Rotting in DSWD Warehouses.

The controversial post from BlogNiElla www.EllaGanda.com (which is now blocked)

reposted by Jenni Epperson (http://mabuhaygirl.multiply.com/journal/item/1104/WTF_is_going_on_Blog_Ni_Ella). Click the link and see for yourself.


Videos: Mika - Rain - Official Music Video

The latest video from Mika's new album "The Boy Who Knew Too Much"

Yun Lang! :)

Bars and Restaurants: Sex With Ketchup Please

10 Years ago, if you ask someone something like "Tara, SEx tayo!" you will end up getting a big hand mark on your face, ask someone the same question today and you'll hear them answer "Tara!" in less than a second. Why? Cause SEx hasn't tasted better than ever before! With all the eggs, hotdogs and hot sauce, SEx is surely the yummiest and most affordable way to eat outside nowadays.

"Sinangag Express" or popularly known as "SEx" is a small 24-Hour restaurant chain that offers one of Filipinos' favorite


Top 4: Grooming Mistakes I Wish Every Guy Would Avoid

4. Pink Nails - There's nothing wrong with keeping your nails short and clean, but please, if you are going to clean your nails, leave the cuticle tint behind. Una sa lahat, It does not look natural, walang lalaki na ganayan ka-pink ang kuko.  And second, it does not look right, ang gara naman kung mas pink pa ang kuko mo keysa sa blush-on ng girlfriend mo di ba?

So please, we know you have all the time in the world to have your nails pedicured, but we'd rather see you spend that time on other stuff. At isa pa, if you are going to cut your nails, paki putol naman lahat, huwag na magtira.

3. Too Much Hair Product - Your hair is your crowning glory, but that doesn't mean it has to be as hard as a crown. There's nothing wrong with styling your hair and using hair gums to do it, but putting too much hair gum can make your hair feel like, from the word itself,  a bubblegum.
 Besides, maraming masama na pwedeng mangyari sa'yo kung palaging may wax buhok mo, (uhm, balding?).  So let your hair relax once in awhile, your hair needs to breathe too. And oh, please, no hairspray, don't ask why, just no.


TV: Blair Waldorf Is Dead

After 3 seasons of gossips, glamour and greatness, the girl who made the headband an acceptable fashion item has officially past away. Yes, the Queen Bee from the Upper East Side is now just a legacy. Well, atleast that's how I see it after watching the first few episodes of Gossip Girl's latest season. 

Now that she's in college, Blair has lost her power, her influence,  and even her fashion sense (what's with the yellow granny look?)


Music: I Heart Mika!

It was six months ago when I first heard Mika singing "Grace Kelly" during our training class, the song grabbed my attention, it was sang very distinctly, the pitch, the melody, the style, fantastic, it was indeed, love at first sound. I went home that day, went straight to my apple, googled him up, visited his wiki page, watched his mv's, even signed up on his official website. I never been so gaga over an artists since, uhm, lady gaga. ah haha.

Six months later, I'm still inlove. As a half-lebanese, half filipino and half everything else,


Bars and Restaurants: It's Huerto with an "H".

I recently had one of my birthday celebrations held at Huerto, a bar and restaurant located at Casimiro, Las Pinas. Huerto has been one of my favorite places to have fun lately. Ang gusto ko sa palce na to is the ambiance, it can fit any mood. Even if you're a party animal or gusto mo lang mag-chill, this place will soothe you.

Also, it is big, and can accomodate lots of people, at yun talaga ang isa sa imprtante sa isang lugar para sa akin, it needs to be big enough to not make me feel suffocated and for my Claustrophobia not to attack.


Books: Reveal Your Hidden Attitudes With "Kokology"

I've always loved psychology, I find it so interesting to be able to read other peoples mind and give meaning to their movements and analyze everything they are saying. It just gives more meaning to our existence and greater sense to our being. However, it tends to be boring and dragging because, well, because everything that requires you to use your brain for a very long time is boring, ah haha.

Good thing these two japanese psychlogists came up with this book called Kokology, the study of kokoro which means mind or spirit. It asks you to answer questions about seemingly innocent topics- such as the color of an imaginary bird that has flown into your window - and then reveals what your answer say about you.

I liked it so much cause it was


Blogs: Who's Jealous of Bryanboy?

The most successful Pinoy blogger in the world wide web, BryanBoy has combined the world of blogging and fashion in a very narcissistic yet charming way. Because of his blog's success, he was able to meet almost all, if not all, of fashion's top names and a-list celebrities. He was even able to attend exclsuive fashion shows and events. And honestly, the only reason why I follow his blog is because I'm super jealous, ah haha.

But the thing I like about bryanboy the most is