Music: I Heart Mika!

It was six months ago when I first heard Mika singing "Grace Kelly" during our training class, the song grabbed my attention, it was sang very distinctly, the pitch, the melody, the style, fantastic, it was indeed, love at first sound. I went home that day, went straight to my apple, googled him up, visited his wiki page, watched his mv's, even signed up on his official website. I never been so gaga over an artists since, uhm, lady gaga. ah haha.

Six months later, I'm still inlove. As a half-lebanese, half filipino and half everything else,

I felt that I can super relate to Mika. His life story is remarkable, his fashion sense is gorgeous  and his music is wonderful.

Right now, he and Katy Perry, are my music royalties. As soon as I get my hand on his new album "The Boy Who Knew Too Much", I'll post a review about it right away. I've been looking for a copy for weeks now, I've been to Festival, ATC and Southmall and it's all "out of stack". Oh I wish he'll visit Manila soon, I swear I'll be on the first row singing my heart out if that happens!

Yun lang! :)

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