Top 4: Grooming Mistakes I Wish Every Guy Would Avoid

4. Pink Nails - There's nothing wrong with keeping your nails short and clean, but please, if you are going to clean your nails, leave the cuticle tint behind. Una sa lahat, It does not look natural, walang lalaki na ganayan ka-pink ang kuko.  And second, it does not look right, ang gara naman kung mas pink pa ang kuko mo keysa sa blush-on ng girlfriend mo di ba?

So please, we know you have all the time in the world to have your nails pedicured, but we'd rather see you spend that time on other stuff. At isa pa, if you are going to cut your nails, paki putol naman lahat, huwag na magtira.

3. Too Much Hair Product - Your hair is your crowning glory, but that doesn't mean it has to be as hard as a crown. There's nothing wrong with styling your hair and using hair gums to do it, but putting too much hair gum can make your hair feel like, from the word itself,  a bubblegum.
 Besides, maraming masama na pwedeng mangyari sa'yo kung palaging may wax buhok mo, (uhm, balding?).  So let your hair relax once in awhile, your hair needs to breathe too. And oh, please, no hairspray, don't ask why, just no.

2. Bad Smell - Dalawang dahilan kung bakit nakatakip ang ilog ng mga tao sa jeep, (bukod sa nasa tapat kayo ng Moonwalk Public Market), it's either you did not wear your perfume today, or, you wore too much perfume today. Either of which, you still smell bad.

 You know what goes into people's mind about a guy with too much perfume on? "Hindi yan naligo." And believe me, the last thing you would want to happen is to make someone faint because your smell made them dizzy. Talk about the "axed" effect.

1. Wrong Contact Lenses - Ok, here's the thing, if the color of the contact lens is the same color as one of the colors in the rainbow, and it is as bright too, please don't buy it. At kung bibili ka ng contacts, make sure to ask a friend first (a real one) if it looks good on you or kung mukha kang isda. You'll know you're wearing the wrong contacts if people are asking you something like "Ano nangyari sa mata mo?"

Some guys can carry it though, they can make it look natural, but most guys, they make it look so cheap that you wanna give them a pair of shades, or get their eyeballs out of their head and remove the contacts yourself. Uhm, that's yuck, I'd rather do the first one.

So please, if you can't pull it off, just be proud of your real eye color, you know, yung totoong eye color mo, yung nasa birth cetificate, the one that's on your passport, do you still remember it?

Yun Lang! :)

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