Bars and Restaurants: It's Huerto with an "H".

I recently had one of my birthday celebrations held at Huerto, a bar and restaurant located at Casimiro, Las Pinas. Huerto has been one of my favorite places to have fun lately. Ang gusto ko sa palce na to is the ambiance, it can fit any mood. Even if you're a party animal or gusto mo lang mag-chill, this place will soothe you.

Also, it is big, and can accomodate lots of people, at yun talaga ang isa sa imprtante sa isang lugar para sa akin, it needs to be big enough to not make me feel suffocated and for my Claustrophobia not to attack.

The people are very friendly as well, and since we've been there  lot of times already, we got to ask for extra favors from them, and that's the great thing about being a regular customer, ah haha. And the band plays good too, although I wish they can update their songbook so they can take more requests.

I can't say anything about the food though cause I really don't care about it since I'm not a food lover, but my friends seems to love the foods, judging by the times they ordered for extra rice, ah haha.

I really wish more people would go to this place since it's really great and a perfect alternative for those who are sick of the usual bars with the usual inuman set-up, it's nice to hear live music from time to time.

Yun lang! :)

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