TV: Glee Is Surprisingly Addictive

What I thought was just another tv show with a bunch of stereotypical teenagers singing together about their lousy love lives turned out to be a tv show about a bunch of stereotypical teenagers singing great music together about their lives. It's like Amercian Idol / MTV with a scripted storyline. (Not that Americna Idol isn't scripted)

The music is just fantastic, the moves, the costumes, the perfomances, just, brilliant! It makes watching television exciting again.  The show's  idea of using modern songs and turning it to a broadway production number, like their rendition of"Mercy" by Duffy, gives it a classic appeal that seperate it from being another "High School Musical" wannabe. And the idea of mashing up old music with new songs like that Halo + I'm Walking On Sunshine number,  avoids it from being another crappy teenage music video from youtube.

But what I like most about Glee is the storyline, having been a member of the Glee club for 5 years, I was able to experience the laughs and the drama that happens on stage and on the school's hallway, and so I must say, that the story was very realistically told.  Anyone who have joined a Glee club will be able to relate to the characters 100%,

But whether you are a  frustrated actor, dancer, musician, director or a person who just loves to watch tv, Glee is for you.

Yun Lang! :)

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