Websites: Are You Annoying Online?

The cyberspace gives us all the right to act the way we want to,  afterall, if you are behind that monitor, who can possibly stop you right?
Especially when it comes to online networking sites. We may not be aware of it, but we've actually done one of these things that can be offensively annoying to others.

Status Flooding - Ok, so it asked you what you were doing, and you just answered back. that's fine, but do you actually have to give a new answer everytime you do something new? There is nothing more annoying than knowing too much info from a person's life just by reading their status messages. So please, stay away from that status message from time to time, besides, a little mystery won't hurt.

Bad Photo Tagging - the tag feature is one of the coolest thing ever created online. The fact that you'll be able to know who's in a picture just by hovering over their face is something so useful and fun that people can use it in a very wrong way. By tagging people on a very bad photo taken on them on that night that they got so drunk they can't remember what they were doing, or that stolen shot while they were eating that jumbo slice of pizza. We may think it's fun but the person being tagged can find it very offensive. Thank God for the remove tag option

Mean Comments - So you don't like your friend's link, or you think their blog post is so emo that you just can't stand it, or you find their self taken photos so pathetic. But do you think it's actually appropriate to reply to their posts with those nasty messages to express how you feel?
They might not like your posts too but they are not saying it because they don't wanna make you feel bad, so please do the same.

I'll Call You - if you are using Skype, Google talk or YM, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. These are those people who thinks that It's perfectly ok to just click that call button and expect you to chit-chat with them when you actually have no idea who they are. It's anoying especially cause it can make your computer slow down when that call comes in. So please, if you are going to call anyone online, atleast ask for their permission first. Rejecting a call is rude, but calling out-of-nowhere is sick.

The Buzz - the buzzing sound in itself is annoying already, but using it in a wrong way can livid the hell out of you. You are supposed to use it in cases where in the person you are chatting with is not responding to you in a long time, so it just irates me when someone sends me a chat message with one  word greeting in it followed  by a buzz, as if asking me to reply asap to that message or else. Please stay away from the buzz button and use it only when neccessary or else you'll be using it for the right reasons. And believe me, you don't want that to happen.

Yun Lang!

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