Top 4: Songs From Glee (Part 1)

4. Rehab - listening to a group of high school students singing about going to rehab is not right in some ways, but the cast of glee can get away with it. I mean, come on, they can sing an address book and people will love still it.

3. Halo / Walking On The Sunshine - ok, so maybe wearing a yellow dress when singing something about the sun or sunshine is not something Simone Cowell will like, but let's give them some credit for having the idea of mashing up these two songs. Unpredictable and good.

2. Defying Gravity - one of the best musical song ever, this version may have not surpassed Idina Menzel's but it certainly made it more popular and it showed both Rachell and Kurt's vocal range and proved that these kids can really sing. Like REALLY sing.

1. Don't Stop Believing - the song that placed the show on the radar.  It was played on the pilot episode which was aired right after the American Idol finale. So it's no surprise that it is now the most popular song from the show. The cast made this song their own, It's like that "Breaking Free" number from High School Musical, only WAY better! And it just sums up the theme of the whole show. Bravo!

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